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Mental Health

The Mind is commonly overlooked when dealing with cancer.

When we understand our whole system as connected, we can appreciate how physical illness often co-exists with mental health conditions. There is an emotional response to physical injury. When facing physical injury, we can tend to recover the physical injury and sometimes neglect to understand the impact of the emotional response. How can it be that when our bodies are hurt, our minds are not impacted? The most common mental health diagnosis amongst those facing cancer are Depression and Anxiety, with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms following closely behind


  • Adele Huculak

    Registered Clinical Counsellor

    I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC (#17601). I have spent most of my life in Kamloops. I am grateful for the opportunity to accompany others on the journey to wellness and wholeness. I work with my clients to create a safe and trusted place for them to process thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. I respect and honour the innate dignity of the human person.

    My style is person-centered. I use a holistic approach, integrating all domains of the human person - physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Near to my heart are issues of grief and loss. Sometimes grief is confusing, messy, and overwhelming. I am humbled to journey with those is their grief.

  • Tara Caffelle

    Grief Consultant

    Tara has worked as a Life and Relationship Coach for more than twelve years, and is honoured to support those at the intersection where grief and relationships meet. She has nearly completed her first book, Grief: A Love Story, that began after weathering significant personal losses in 2015, and is in the process of research for her next book which will explore the presence of grief in our workspaces and its impact


  • Danielle Wittal

    Radiation Therapist / Pranayama Meditation Certified Teacher

    Hello! My name is Danielle Wittal. I am a Radiation Therapist, hold a Masters in Supportive and Palliative care in Oncology and a Pranayama Meditation Certified teacher. My passion is to help those dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and into survivorship. With my recent training in Pranayama Mediation I would like to offer a unique experience utilizing breathe to aid in the healing process after diagnosis, during active treatment and in the survivorship phase.

    Prana is energy, the source of all life. In Pranayama we utilize the breath to influence vital energy meridians, channels and chakras within the body. It is with the movement of breathe awareness that change can occur.

    I utilize my experience and knowledge as a Radiation Therapist, combined with my Prana teaching to offer a unique compliment to further support cancer patients and their families.

Support Groups

  • Kamloops Breast Cancer Support Group

    We are a peer support group for women at any stage of their Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. We offer a sense of community and share our stories in a non-judgmental setting. By offering emotional support and sharing coping mechanisms, we help you to realize you are not alone.

    “We are here, because we’ve been there!”

  • Kamloops Hospice Association

    The mission of the Kamloops Hospice Association is to enhance the quality of life of persons and their families facing death and bereavement through skilled and compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care in the setting of the individual’s choice.